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My name is Cecilia. I’ve been a professional nanny for over 13 years. During lockdown I had a lot of time to pursue my next dream, which was to become an accredited baby massage and baby yoga instructor, it's feels like a very natural progression for me. I’m very passionate about both parent and baby wellness, and I really aim to meet both those needs at The Nurtured Baby Hub.

Baby massage and baby yoga are the perfect place for you and your baby to come and relax, spend some dedicated time with one another and bond. There is also the added benefit of meeting other new parents, and the chance to have a chat and a cuppa after each of my sessions. I have a few in-depth posts about the benefits of baby massage for both you and your baby on my Instagram page. Its linked at the top of this website if you'd like a look. Please don't hesitate to contact me and find out more, I'm always happy to answer any questions.

Cant wait to see you all soon.

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